What is Tantra and how to begin the practice?

What is tantra? Often perceived in the West solely through the lens of sexuality, it is actually much deeper and constitutes a comprehensive spiritual path. Tantra recognises the divine in everything that surrounds us – from the body, through emotions, to thoughts.

In the article, we will learn what tantra is and how it can support personal and spiritual development through the study of energy. We will discuss its impact on life and its use for spiritual evolution. We will explore different branches of tantra and their system of support in striving for a full life through conscious use of universal energy.

Tantra – what is it exactly?

Tantra in the West is often associated solely with sexuality, but it is much more than sensual techniques. It is a spiritual path that recognises divinity in everything that surrounds us – from bodies, through emotions, to thoughts. Unlike other traditions that promote detachment from the material world in search of spirituality, tantra encourages a deep experience of life. Sex in tantra is just one of many tools on the path to spiritual enlightenment, rather than being the goal in itself.

Tantra originates from Indian traditions and stands in opposition to the ascetic separation from the material world. It emphasises that every aspect of life, even the simplest one, can be a path to understanding divinity. In the tantric worldview, the pursuit of spirituality does not require giving up earthly pleasures, but rather consciously experiencing them as part of spiritual practice.

What is Tantra? The study and exploration of energy.

What is energy? It is the omnipresent force that exists within us and around us. It is infinite and possesses immense potential. Why does tantra focus on energy? Because when properly understood, utilised, and applied, it can significantly accelerate a person’s spiritual development.

In our reality and in the universe, there are many different types of energy at work. Regardless of the type, all energies operate according to specific laws. Discovering these laws essentially provides the key to controlling and mastering the use of all energy.

Let’s take electricity, for example, which is a form of energy. Thanks to scientific research, humanity has managed to decipher the laws governing electricity, allowing for its practical use. Electricity has ceased to be seen as an ethereal concept. It has become a tangible and perceptible phenomenon that can be generated on demand and at will.

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Energy and chakras: The key to mastering your own life

Everything that surrounds us – our bodies, thoughts, feelings, and even material objects like houses or cars – is made up of energy. This omnipresent force shapes our reality, and understanding it allows us to achieve full control over our own lives. When we master the laws governing energy, we can stop being passive observers of our fates and begin consciously shaping our reality and destiny. This is the first step to overcoming limitations and realizing the true nature of our existence.

At the heart of this practice lies the study of chakras, which originates from the tantric tradition. The seven main chakras in the human body are not abstract concepts, but real energy centres. They influence our health, well-being, and spiritual development. Through chakras, which act as bridges between the material world and the infinity of the universe, people can experience a deeper connection with the energy surrounding them. It is through these centres that universal energy flows, allowing access to infinite possibilities for spiritual growth.

Understanding and working with energy and chakras opens up extraordinary possibilities for us. Not only does it allow for a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world, but also for conscious direction of our own lives in harmony with the energy surrounding us. Striving for understanding and harmonisation of energy within us and around us is the key to achieving spiritual freedom and fulfilment in life. It is a fascinating journey towards discovering the great power we hold within ourselves and how we can use it to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Various branches of Tantra – an overview of possibilities

Tantra is a spiritual path and a science of energy that offers various paths to spiritual realization. Each of them, with its unique methods, aims for the same goal – understanding and connecting with the Divine. Practising these paths synergistically can significantly accelerate spiritual development, creating a harmonious and well-rounded personality.

One branch is Tantra Yoga, which distinguishes itself from contemporary yoga practices by focusing on energetic aspects. It uses the body as a tool to achieve unity with Divine Consciousness, offering both physical and spiritual benefits. Another is Tantric Meditation, focusing on working with energy through sounds, colors, and visualizations, which promotes mind development and consciousness expansion.

Pranayama, controlling the breath and life energy, allows for a deeper connection to our subtler nature, offering extraordinary healing and energetic perception possibilities. Kundalini Yoga, focused on awakening the powerful kundalini energy, can lead to profound transformation on all levels of being.

The branch of Tantra focusing on relationships points to a strong, spiritual connection between partners that can significantly accelerate their evolution. Tantric sexuality, using sexual energy to reach higher states of consciousness, demonstrates how deep intimacy can lead to spiritual awakening.

These diverse paths of tantra offer a comprehensive approach to spirituality. Emphasising that every aspect of life can be a gateway to deeper self-discovery and understanding of the universe. Tantra teaches that through conscious experience and working with energy, we can achieve liberation and fulfilment in life, combining material experiences with spiritual growth.

What is tantra?

What is tantric sex?

Tantric sex is more than just a physical union – it is a path to discovering divinity through deep experiences of the material world. In tantra, every aspect of life, including sex, can be a gateway to spiritual enlightenment. Tantric sex harnesses the intensity of sexual sensations to expand consciousness and achieve altered states of awareness.

A person practicing tantric techniques is called a tantric (for men) or a tantrica (for women). Traditionally, to become a tantric, a guru is needed to introduce one to the secrets of the practice. However, in the West, many people independently discover the secrets of tantra using books, short courses, or lessons from teachers without initiation into a tantric lineage.

In my opinion, the most fascinating aspect of tantric sex is how it transforms the perception of pleasure and intimacy. It goes beyond physicality, opening up new dimensions of connection, both with a partner and with deeper aspects of oneself. It is a path that requires openness, patience, and a willingness to explore the depths of one’s own sexuality.

How to practice Tantric sex?

Tantric sex begins with creating a spiritual context. To enjoy tantric intimacy, the first step is preparing a sacred space. Here are a few tips: clean up the place, take a bath before starting, light incense and candles, play uplifting music. Start by holding hands and meditating to connect with each other and the Divine. See each other as embodiments of divinity, setting aside self-centered thoughts. Aim to elevate awareness through tantric love.

In the practice of tantric sex, it is important for a man to refrain from ejaculation. This allows for experiencing altered states of consciousness and achieving a deep connection. There are many tantric techniques that support ejaculation control. They can lead to orgasms without ejaculation, and even to multiple orgasms.

Tantric techniques also support women in achieving orgasm, making it deeper and longer-lasting, and enabling them to experience multiple orgasms. A key element is redirecting sexual energy from the pelvic region upwards along the spine. Up to the crown chakra, which can lead to intense spiritual experiences.

In tantric sex, couples can experience a deep connection. Tantric techniques such as eye contact, synchronised breathing, and exploring each other’s bodies promote closeness and intimacy. The goal is to enjoy closeness and intimacy for as long as possible, rather than aiming for an immediate orgasm.

Summary – What is Tantra and is it worth trying?

Tantra is much more than its often attributed sexual aspects. It is a rich, spiritual path that encourages deep experiencing and conscious living, recognising divinity in everything that surrounds us. Tantra offers unique tools and practices that allow for a harmonious connection of body, mind, and spirit, which can accelerate spiritual growth and help in achieving the fullness of life. A key aspect here is working with energy, which tantra sees as the foundation of everything that exists. Understanding and harmonising this energy can open up new possibilities for us, both personally and spiritually.

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