How To Find Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend?

A nickname is not something that can be forced. A nickname is a natural moniker that comes about when you feel close to someone. While some are good at coming up with nicknames for these relationships, others fail miserably at it. If you are someone who can not think of good nicknames to call your boyfriend, utilize these four different methods.

From their Family

Families will often have multiple nicknames for your boyfriend. You can look to them for possible nicknames. You need to be careful when using these nicknames, however, as you may pick a nickname that your boyfriend hated. These are some of the hardest nicknames to trust, as they may be old, worn out, and unoriginal.

From their Friends

You can also look to your boyfriend’s friends for their nickname. If your friends call your boyfriend by a nickname, you could start using that nickname as your own. This is also a tricky method to rely on, however, as your boyfriend may not like that nickname. They may also feel that their girlfriend should not be using the nickname that their friends have given them.

Their Favorite Things

If you are trying to find a nickname for your boyfriend, consider all of their favorite things. You may derive a nickname from some of their favorite foods. You could also create a nickname that comes from a favorite band, or from a favorite sports team. When you use one of their favorite things as a nickname, it makes for a nickname that they are more likely to enjoy.

Their Cute Little Quirks

If you want to come up with a cute nickname, think of all of the little quirks that you love about your boyfriend. Are they constantly eating? Do they eat at weird times of the day? Do they do something weird in the shower, or when getting ready? Make a list of all of the little things that your boyfriend will do during the course of the day. You can easily find a laundry list of nicknames through this method.

These cute little quirks can make for some interesting and original nicknames. These nicknames are best kept private, however, and should only be used when you are alone as a couple. While your boyfriend may not mind the nickname in private, they could mind being called the name in public.

While a nickname from a family member or friend may stick, it lacks the personality and personalization of a new nickname. Think of the quote quirks that you love about your boyfriend, and think about the different things that they love. Take time to think of these things, and take note of the different thing that you find. Eventually, a nickname will show itself.

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