7 Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend – That’s it!

People always want to make sure that they say the right thing to their boyfriend. They want to make sure that they say something thoughtful and meaningful, but something that will come across as genuine. Unfortunately, most of the sweet thing to say to your boyfriend will come across as cheesy, campy, and insincere. If you are looking for sweet things to say to a boyfriend, use these nine different lines.

I Love It When You’re

This can be one of the sweetest things to say to your boyfriend. It will help to make them feel special and loved. It will also direct them to the things that you like, giving them an ego boost and a confidence boost.

I Want to Be With You

It may seem corny to tell someone that you want to be with them when you are already with them. A sweet phrase like this simply re-affirms this need in the minds of your boyfriend. This can also be an ego boost and a confidence boost.

I Like You

If you want extra cute points, tell your boyfriend “I like you” at any random point in the day. I like you is so simple, but can mean the world to someone who needs assurance about your feelings.

I Can’t Believe I’m With You

This phrase is also an ego boost for a boyfriend. This will help to make your boyfriend feel special. This phrase can also be compared to “I am so lucky to have you”.

You Make Me Feel Special

Your boyfriend wants to know that you like them. They want to know that they are doing a good job as a boyfriend. This phrase will help them to fulfill that need.

You are the Cutest/Hottest/Most Handsome Man I’ve Ever Seen

Everyone wants to know that they are good looking. This sweet phrase will simply reassure your boyfriend of their looks.

I Love You

This phrase is simple to say. If you mean the words, remind your boyfriend that you love them. Each reminder will show them that you have continued strong emotions toward them.

Each of these lines will have a different and special meaning to your relationship, and to your boyfriend. Think about the different lines, and how each would come across to the person you are saying them to. You will find that certain lines are more powerful than others. Use the appropriate lines at the appropriate time to have the best effect on your boyfriend.

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